2017 & 2018 Tahoe Rim Trail Association’s Youth Backpacking Camp

Youth Camp

Tahoe Rim Trail Association hosted seven different trips in 2017  around the Basin to touch the lives of dozens of teens. 67% of those teens had never backpacked before, and 63% of them live in urban areas. Excitingly, we were able to give 60% of those kids the YBCC experience at little to no cost to themselves or their families, through our partnerships as well as numerous scholarships.

2014 Youth Camp

2014 Youth Camp


CGTF approved to donate monies for two individuals to attend the Radical Reality Summer Camp 2014 – COURAGOUS.

It is a week filled with services, workshops and team competitions and much more. The speakers Donnie Moore, Tim Dilena, Jason Smotherman, Darwin Benjamin and Donny Burleson.

As one of the counselors wrote, “The kids testimonials of their experience was amazing. They enjoyed every part. You could see a change in the youth. They really needed the experience. Very powerful one…The CGTF has helped in ways we may really never  know the true impact.”



CGTF will present a $500 scholarship award to qualified candidates. Entries will be reviewed by a neutral committee and awards will be given at the November 2018 CGTF Symposium.
Candidates must meet the following criteria for eligibility:

  • A high school graduate currently attending an accredited college with a 3.0 GPA or better.
  • Parent or guardian must be an active CGTF member with a minimum of one year as a member.

Click here to view the 2018 Scholarship Flyer